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The Creative Shift

Steelcase and Microsoft joined forces to think about the challenges organizations and people face as they engage in creative work. Understanding both space and technology have a role in supporting this work they co-developed Creative Spaces.

Creative Spaces are an interdependent ecosystem of spaces and technologies designed for diverse modes of creative work. These spaces deliver key spatial attributes that address privacy, posture and proximity.

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Wellbeing: A Bottom Line Issue

Workplaces should provide a variety of settings where people can choose to sit, stand, walk or perch. It’s important to empower employees with an environment they can move around—when they’re seated it’s equally as important their chair supports them in the ways they work.

“Ergonomic issues should always be top of mind for employers,” says Kevin Butler, a senior ergonomist at Steelcase. “Upper-extremity issues, especially pain in the neck and shoulders, are becoming more common all the time as a result of people constantly peering down at their handheld devices.”

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Inside Innovation

With global competition and disruption coming from all sides, it’s clear the world is changing, and quickly. It’s also clear organizations need to embrace a growth mindset to fuel innovation by becoming more agile, encourage constant and continuous learning and rapidly adapt to new possibilities.


LINC is an inspiring and high-performing space. It was designed with an understanding of how learning, creativity and innovation interconnect. It demonstrates how the habitats where people work can activate a culture shift by fostering a new set of habits.

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